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Valericela's online assessment tool 'The EDGE' is a great pre-hire tool that measures the fit between a job and a candidate for any type of business. Though we specialize in OSHA Construction Industry, OSHA General Industries and working on MSHA sites, The EDGE has a bank of assessments for nearly every type of business with every type of task.

Find your place.

We have found that employees whose talents and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, happier, and stay longer. The EDGE can help identify your strengths and skills to better identify career opportunities. In addition, it's a great way to measure the skillset for positions you may be applying for to identify areas that you would excel as well as areas of opportunity to improve to help me you the best possible candidate for the job.

Selecting the right candidate for you?

Hiring great people means hiring people who fit their jobs. 'The EDGE' will provide you with a much clearer picture of what you’re getting and not getting in your candidates. By assigning customized assessments, you can established a candidates knowledge base for the positions being offered, safety habits and behaviors and other important characteristics of each candidate to help you make the best possible selection.

Our pre-employment testing platform enables customizable online tests, candidate comparisons, and reporting.

Whether you are small business manager seeking to reduce employee turnover, a department head that must find the right candidates now due to increased hiring demand, or an HR professional responsible for a corporation’s hiring and firing, you want the best solution for hiring.

This incredible Valericela project, will give you the EDGE over the competition.


Valericela offers assessments on many subjects for OSHA General Industry and Construction, as well as MSHA. Some of the more popular topics are included below:

Construction Industry Assessments

Topic of Assessment
Fork Lift Safety Welding, Cutting & Brazing Safety Respiratory Protection
Trenching & Excavation Safety Scaffolding Erection & Inspection Fall Protection Construction Industry
Focus Four – Fall Hazards Focus Four – Caught In or Between Hazards Focus Four - Strucky By
Electrocution Hazards Hand / Power Tool Safety Construction Worksite Safety
Heavy Equipment Safety Demolition Safety Steel Erection Safety
LOTO Confined Space Safety for Construction Cranes & Derrick Safety
Rigging Safety Health Hazards in Construction Silica Dust Safety in Construction
Asbestos Safety

General Industry Assessments

Topic of Assessment
Heat & Cold Stress Safety Stairway & Ladder Safety Scaffold Safety
Confined Space Safety General Industry Housekeeping Safety Work Zone / Traffic Management Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace Effective Accident Investigation Hazard Analysis and Control (Risk Assessments)
Hazard Communication Program Job Hazard Analysis (JHA/JSA) Record Keeping Basics
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Ergonomic Basics Safety Safety Supervision & Leadership
Electrical Safety Basics Emergency Action Plans Fire Prevention / Fire Extinguisher Safety
Preventing Workplace Violence Machine Guarding Safety Process Safety Management
Industrial Hygiene Basics

MSHA Mining Industry Assessments

Topic of Assessment
Introduction to the Mining Environment Hazard Recognition and Avoidance Emergency Procedures
Health and Safety Aspects of Tasks and Operations Hazard Reporting Rules and Procedures Statutory Rights of Miners
Line of Authority Respiratory Devices First Aid

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